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What Lights You Up

May 20, 2021

Join me for an authentic conversation with my coach, Liene Ciguze, as we venture into that all too familiar territory of feeling unworthy. Sometimes, we are unable to see that the image of success that is projected is actually a veil hiding the belief that we are not good enough.

If you have ever had thoughts that all of the degrees, careers, and accomplishments would lead you to a better place in this life, this episode will be a helpful part of your journey.   

As we explore the topic of self-worth, my dear friend and I come to the realization that as humans, we share many characteristics, regardless of where we live in the world or the experiences that we’ve had.

It’s also not enough to simply tell ourselves that we are enough. Affirmations and self-help books can only go so far because inspiration alone is fleeting. However, when you see more good you do more good. Learn how to show your brain the evidence that you are indeed enough, and that you are worthy. This is available to you right now.  

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