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What Lights You Up

May 6, 2021

You are sure to appreciate this episode with my dear friend, Caro, as she relays her experiences (and ultimately her relationship) with anxiety.  It may be hard recall that our lives before the pandemic included layers of trauma and encounters that we would too often push aside in favor of keeping up with our busy lives, our daily obligations, and events. Too often, we redirected our focus from truly giving attention to the signals that our minds and bodies were sending. Caro’s story is sure to resonate, as she shares her truth and years of resisting while anxiety continued to build and eventually created negative impacts in her own life. That’s when she found the solutions that worked for her that will be relayed in this conversation.

In honor and recognition of Mental Health Awareness month, learn that you are not alone. You no longer need to accept the isolation that comes with these deep emotions that you are simply wishing away. Allow yourself to receive the message and move toward a different awareness and ultimately, the path of healing.

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