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What Lights You Up

Jun 8, 2023

Let's take a trip together, shall we? A trip inside....for 30 minutes [and more, if you desire].



Just LISTEN. You deserve to take some time to yourself. So please lay your body down, relax, and listen to my voice for about 30 minutes. 


Before you begin, please bring kind and conscious awareness to your intention. 

If you have never experienced a guided meditation, here's what you should know about this one: 

* the guidance itself lasts about 25 minutes

* you can stay in "trance" longer if you choose to (extended music)

* it's okay if you fall asleep (your subconscious will still receive the message!)

* you can't get this wrong

* there is no such thing as "I don't know how to quiet my mind"

* RELAX - do it again and again. You will be amazed at what your mind, body, and soul can do.

I am bringing this to you today (whatever day you are receiving) because I believe in the power of meditation. And I want you to experience it too. 

I am also building a meditation library, so if you enjoy this experiece, please get on my list so we can continue to reap the benefits together. 

This one's on me.

With love,


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Original Music by Cindy Locher – The Relaxation Works    / @cindylocherthere...