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What Lights You Up

Feb 3, 2022

“The scariest thing for me to say as a mom is that…I’m okay now.”

This episode is for those who are ready to heal. Those who truly wish to face their greatest fears. My sweet friend, Liene, shares all of those fears and more in this episode where I call her to be real with me. She engages like the boss that she is.

“It’s not too painful. It gives me energy.”

Liene lost her firstborn son when he was seven. She will share how that happened. More importantly, she will share how she lives and breathes past the most devastating moment of her life.

As much as you may think you can understand, you can never fully grasp what we don’t even have words for. In memory of Davids, please share this real and raw conversation.

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Intro/outro music: “Feeling Free” by Martin Riopel.