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What Lights You Up

Sep 16, 2021

"It was like a permission slip to experience myself."

Join a 6/2 Emotional Generator and 2/4 Sacral Manifesting Generator for a real and raw conversation around living our Human Design. Not sure what any of that means?! If you listen in, you’ll be able to pick up on our differences and similarities. Kim gives me some insights around my own strategy/authority and relays the wisdom our children naturally possess. We’ll also talk about general human behaviors, societal structures, and simply navigating life with a sense of greater ease and connection.

Kim is very passionate about integrating many healing modalities into her work and daily life, especially Human Design. This is not a deep dive. Rather, we are skimming the surface of possibility toward awareness and understanding of self. This is a conversation of humanity and demystifying the human experience that is sure to light you up!


Human Design Immersion

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Intro/outro music: “Feeling Free” by Martin Riopel.