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What Lights You Up

Aug 19, 2021

“No one does an adoption because their life is easy.”

We rarely have the opportunity to learn about adoption from the perspective of a birth mother. This is why it is an honor to have my friend, Anna Jane, bringing her truth and shining her light in this episode (TW).

Anna shares it all. How she came to make her choice, the aftermath, and what life is like for her now. With those moments, come all of the feelings including the intensity of grief that continues to resurface at unexpected times. No matter how much support is available, riding these emotional waves as a birth mother is something to be experienced, not necessarily prepared for.

Though every situation is unique, Anna hopes that her vulnerability in speaking up can serve to support others in times of challenge. Adoption is a choice for a lifetime, it takes tremendous strength, and it is also wonderful and beautiful. Most of all, it is our hope that every birth mother understands, “you are not alone.”

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