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What Lights You Up

Aug 5, 2021

Join me and my friend Holly as she shares some deep realizations around creating her dream home. We often get so caught up in the image of what “perfect” or “done” looks like that we keep ourselves from appreciating the amazement and wonder that is the very life we are living. We tend to focus on “how to” and lose sight of our “why”.

This episode is peppered with metaphors! We are not just talking about throw pillows and planters, we are talking about opening your heart to the lightness, fun, and adventure in who you really are. Being present in the now allows us to see that what we previously viewed as challenges in life made us who we are today. Those challenges have now become powerful gifts.

We can learn to be more empathetic, appreciative of the good, and aware of ourselves by getting back to the basics of creativity and play. We can also be reminded that making meaningful connections with other humans along our journey is at the core of our existence.

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