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What Lights You Up

Feb 10, 2022

“I’ve kept my story locked away for so long because it’s so painful…and I will break the cycle.”

The subject of trauma has been showing up for me personally with more frequency than ever which I view as a positive trend. A huge component of healing includes our willingness to get vulnerable and open in safe spaces. Lisa Schwartz not only has her own experiences to share, but she also comes into contact through her profession with others who have been traumatized. Through her work and her life, she has developed multiple lenses to perceive the human collective, the individual, and the sense of self that we create over our lifetime.

This episode is an honest share between friends who are showing up to demystify trauma, the language we use, and most importantly, the impacts to our nervous systems. This is a very high-level approach of simply coming to awareness of how we can honor ourselves and our fellow humans, focusing on our uniqueness instead of comparing, rating, or defining ourselves by the worst things that have happened in our lives.

Nothing is off limits, and you are sure to come away from this talk between friends with a fresh perspective!

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Intro/outro music: “Feeling Free” by Martin Riopel.