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What Lights You Up

Dec 16, 2021

Certainly, heartbreak is high on the list of least desirable experiences that we humans encounter. Everyone gets a taste of it throughout our lifetime. And while some receive more lessons than others, it is true that what cracks you open also helps you to see more clearly. Not only through the understanding of other humans, but also what is within you.

This is not about “how to recover” from heartbreak. We all have our own path to follow. This is about finding the realization that not only will you heal, but you will also emerge with a knowing beyond the obvious resilience and an awareness of why you find yourself triggered at times. We will continue to receive the life lessons that we need as long as we are breathing. And each one will bring you closer to understanding who you really are and what you are truly capable of.

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Intro/outro music: “Feeling Free” by Martin Riopel.