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What Lights You Up

Jun 3, 2021

If you feel like you have more to do than hours in the day, that there is no end in sight, or that you’re barely keeping your head above water, then you are likely feeling overwhelmed.

One of the more interesting concepts that I’ve learned as a coach is to address the topic of overwhelm as an “indulgent emotion.” In other words, it could be something that we tend to stay in because it’s more comfortable to do this than to address the cause or even ask for help.

Could this be true?

In this episode, I’m going to explore that notion as well as acknowledge my awareness of how the world really works. How much of what we feel is by the design of our societal constructs and where can we take ownership to gain some freedom?  

I get fired up about this topic, so if you’d like to discuss, I’m here for you! Follow this link to schedule some time with me.