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What Lights You Up

Apr 29, 2021

What if we knew we could change our world through our thought processes, in an instant? My dear friend, Carlene, is living in her purpose by inspiring people to deepen their spiritual power and get out of the negative fog that brings us down. If you are like me and have been hearing more about 5D over the past year; wondering what that even means, this episode will provide so much clarity. Carlene explains basic principles and concepts of experiencing life in different realms. Her perspective is simply fascinating, and she embodies pure joy through her work. If you think this topic is too “out there” for you, I challenge you to give it a chance. Carlene shares simple steps that anyone can take to find new awareness that can be life changing. It’s amazing what a shift in perspective can do to raise our energy and literally boost our spirit. We are bringing the highest vibes to this episode!

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