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What Lights You Up

Apr 15, 2021

Take the time to listen to this deep conversation with my friend, Rich Levesque, as we cover all of things that make us human. We all feel broken at times. We have been conditioned to believe that we’re not good enough, through the subtle and blatant messaging that begins in childhood, that carries over to the workplace, and eventually into all other areas of life. What you will hear in this episode is a real and raw story that travels the well-worn road of despair to a new path of self-acceptance.

Discover how Rich has made it his mission to become a beacon for others who simply want what we all do – to be seen. Truly seen. If you are struggling with your inner demons, wrestling with seeking validation from others, and wondering how to find your own light in all of the darkness, this is what you need to hear.  We’re going for all of the authenticity in this beautiful, messy life so that you may realize you are never alone. This is what it means to create ripples, my friends.

Rich would love to get to know like-hearted people. Feel free to connect with him pretty much everywhere @beaconroad10 and if this all really feels good to you join us in Beacon Road Community (

Find his book, “Becoming A Beacon” at Amazon, Indie Bound, or your local indie bookstore.