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What Lights You Up

Mar 18, 2021

Sometimes events line up in life that result in a call to shine a light on a thing. That is how this episode came to be. Regardless of how “well” a person emerges from a traumatic experience, we are frequently comparing ourselves to others; thinking they have it worse than we do, or vice versa. The trauma road often contains both versions, along with a solid dose of “Why me?” While processing trauma and grief are unique experiences for each of us, it is our decision to wallow in our pain or to find our triumph. Yes, we are shaped by the trials and challenges of life, but they don’t fully define who we are and what we are capable of. Believe in yourself and trust in your ability to overcome absolutely anything.

Also, I reference my interview with Whitney Allen on The Forward Healing Project. You can find that episode here and subscribe through your favorite platform.

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