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What Lights You Up

Mar 4, 2021

Listen in to this amazing conversation with my friend and Visibility Coach, Serena Hicks as we discuss what it means to be audacious. If you have ever found yourself questioning your identity and your place in the world, Serena is going to throw down the truth bombs within the first five minutes beginning with racial classification…and it just keeps getting better!  

As she sees it, we’re all misfits for our own reason, and we get to decide who we want to be and how to show up.

“I think audacity will change the world. So many people hide in plain sight. We need to remember who we were before the world taught us to conform, fit in, and tone it down. We’re just going to show up as we are, authentically, and show up in that space. I am a work in progress and a masterpiece at the same time. Patriarchal society teaches that we need to fit in a nice, tidy box. I don’t need to dim my light to make everyone else feel good. Who I am is ever changing. Audacity is at the center of it all. Defiance is underrated.”

If you’ve never even considered stepping into your own audacious power, this episode is the one to hear, absorb, and put into practice today!

Find the badass Serena on Facebook @SerenaHicksAF, Instagram @xoxoserenahicks, or her website

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