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What Lights You Up

Feb 11, 2021

This week, I have a very special guest, Whitney Allen, to discuss a very important topic that needs to be brought into the light: infertility. Whitney is the host of The Forward Healing Project, a weekly podcast that acknowledges the challenges and grief with infertility and miscarriage while exploring what it means to heal with a hopeful heart. Not only is she creating amazing work for the world that is meaningful and supportive for so many, she is a dear friend.

I highly encourage you to have a listen to this episode. Because whether or not you have personally been impacted by infertility, it is likely that you know someone who has. And the insights shared here are so valuable in so many ways. If you’ve ever wondered about what goes on behind the scenes and in the minds of women, men, and couples who have been handed this particular challenge in life, we’re here for you today!

In addition to her podcast, you can connect with Whitney via email at or check out her website

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