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What Lights You Up

Oct 8, 2020

This is always a hot topic, so I’m sharing my thoughts on social media in this episode. While many in our friends and family circles are making changes, stepping back, or taking a break (all of which are fine decisions), let’s talk about the option that no one else talks about. How to stay and keep your sanity.

Yes, it’s possible to coexist with social media and all of the content on these platforms. It is possible if you know how to manage your own thoughts about what you are seeing.

You have more power and control than you realize when you know how to leverage your human brain. Simply keep in mind that you never know the intentions behind a post any more than you know the truth behind the things that people tell you to your face. Even those that you love the most. Check this one out if you’re on the feeling a social dilemma today.

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