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What Lights You Up

May 12, 2022

“It’s like graduation. You have a vision of what that’s going to look like, but no one tells you that you’re going to be sitting there for six hours in a hot gown while all of these people question you about your future.”

This is just one of several analogies that you are going to hear during this episode with Kurt and Ellie Johnson; the father and daughter who co-authored “The Barrens: A Novel of Love and Death in the Canadian Arctic.”

In this episode, we are not only going to explore the characters of Lee and Holly that were created in this fictional novel, but we are also going to tap in to how the authors examined themselves through the process (my favorite parts!).

“The Barrens” is not only a story about love, death, grief, survival, grit, and determination…it is a coming out story about recognizing and embracing who you really love and how parents reconcile their own preconceived notions, visions, and dreams for their children in a society that may very well shun them.

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