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What Lights You Up

Mar 10, 2022

“Know that there are teachers who just want to let the light come on inside of you and that’s where your healing is going to come.”

Join me and my friend, Kate, for a lively conversation about ALL of the things in this episode! Kate is a longtime certified yoga instructor, and we discuss how a yoga practice can be used to heal emotional trauma. We not only dig into that, but we also break down how judgements, expectations, and comparisons can mess with our minds. We dig into her experience with cancer and the shame around it. Most importantly, we discuss our spirits, our souls, and how very impactful we can be as humans…in ways both “good” and “bad.”

In this episode, we will cover everything from how to pick a yoga instructor to fun interactions with those we might oppose politically. This is organic and natural; it is fun. It is real and it is very raw.

Links to sources mentioned in this episode and ways to connect with Kate:

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Intro/outro music: “Feeling Free” by Martin Riopel.