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What Lights You Up

Jun 15, 2023

It's no coincidence there are so many documentaries, podcasts, and books focused on cults at this time. While they have existed forever, our ability to connect and share information quickly is new. Rapid communication online supports the exposure of toxic and harmful practices with possible justice...and it also helps the same practices to spread. 

Many cult-like ("culty") behaviors can be found in your daily life. It may be in the products you buy, the affiliations you make, the groups you are a part of; any number of things. Marketing tactics have long ago shifted from persuasion toward manipulation and even elements of mind control. MLMs have infiltrated nearly every market and continue to get away with shady business practices. And they are merely one example of a much larger picture.

None of this is intended to scare you. Quite the opposite. This is intended to shine a light of awareness on these practices so you are better positioned to protect yourself. Consider this episode an introduction to the topic of culty behavior and learn to spot the warning signs before you get in too deep. 

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